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Important Questions to Ask Your Retirement Plan Provider It can seem very overwhelming to choose a 401K provider for your business. You may not know where to start with so many providers and plans. Before you make the final decision, you should ask the provider several questions. You shouldn’t even ask any other questions if they don’t offer the plan that you are looking for. There is no point in investigating a provider further if they don’t offer the plan that you want. You can end up not happy with your plan if you talk to providers that don’t offer the right plan. You should also find out if their plan works well with the size of the company that you have. Larger companies usually need more investment options than smaller companies. You need to know if they have plans in your price range. The size of your company will determine how much you spend on administrative costs. You might also be responsible for investment fees or individual service fees for using some of the plan’s features. The provider can give you an itemized list of what you have to pay for so you can make an informed decision. Who is in charge of the funds is also an important question to ask. Fiduciaries handle the legal aspects of the plan. Whether the plan comes with a fiduciary or if you have to find one on your own will depend on the provider that you choose. You want to choose a plan that your employees can participate in. Most workers don’t use their employer’s 401K plan because they can’t afford it. Your employees’ budgets should be able to accommodate the minimum contribution for the plan that you choose. You should be very familiar with what features come with the plan you choose. You should know if loans can be taken out against the plan or if funds are unavailable until a certain date. Early retirement might be possible with some plans. You should talk to your employees and pick a plan that has the features they want the most.
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You also want to find a 401K provider that has good customer service. Only choose a provider that you are comfortable communicating with. Staying informed should be easy if the provider sends out reports and newsletters and stays in contact with you. You should also look for a provider who will help employees transfer funds if they move to a new company.
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To participate in the program, your employees will need to be well-informed. Some providers will have a representative to come consult with your employees, but that responsibility may fall on your shoulders. It may even be worth your time to find a provider that has workshops and training sessions. This is a big decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly, but with these questions to ask, you can make an informed decision.